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farmer’s market salad w. walnuts, goat cheese, tomatoes, and lemon balsamic dressing

i think i’m addicted to shopping at farmers markets - after my grand total of one adventure to said market. there’s one in dallas that i’m itching to explore. there’s so much great fresh produce and i love talking to the people who have grown the food themselves

this salad was so easy to toss together with a rating of five golden spoons

Grilled Peach Walnut Salad


  • 1 peach
  • 1/4 cup walnuts
  • honey
  • balsamic vinegar
  • olive oil
  • mixed salad greens (dark)
  • goat cheese

Slice peach in half and place face-down on a grill until it starts to get soft. For about a minute, place walnuts on the grill and take off when you can start to smell them (make sure not to burn them). 

Mix together honey and balsamic vinegar (i did about 1.5 tbsp honey to 1/4 cup balsamic). Heat in saucepan to thicken. Add about 1/2 tbsp olive oil, stir, continue to heat for 45 seconds to a minute, then take off heat. 

In a bowl, toss greens, walnuts, crumbled goat cheese, and honey balsamic. Top with slices of grilled peach.

pear, walnut, & feta salad w. balsamic vinaigrette 

props to my school’s cafeteria today for making this salad. they actually said it was bleu cheese (which would have been better) but it looks like they got a little confused. maybe they forgot bleu cheese has blue bits in it… 

either way it was delicious and i was really excited 

note to self from now on: grab a pear on the way out and remember this combo when i’m bored with the usual mushroom/cucumber/olives salad combo

Spinach Salad - my mom makes this fantastic salad all the time and it’s always a hit, so to add some healthy greens to the table i hunted down most everything i needed in the huge outdoor market in Barcelona

-spinach leaves (i always de-stem them)

-dried cranberries

-candied walnuts

-chopped red onion

-diced avocado 

-bleu cheese crumbles [this salad had to do without - my friend is sadly allergic]

-balsamic vinaigrette [the dressing was just olive oil, balsamic vinegar, one clove of garlic finely chopped, and a little bit of lemon juice]

i have sooooo missed being able to make a healthy addition to a meal

ahh back in my beautiful kitchen that happens to be in my parents’ house that they happened to design and pay for themselves…

i walked to trader joe’s.. because i’m back in california.. AND I CAN

got some fresh, quality ingredients, walked home, put on my apron, and began laboring over this gourmet pizza. took about 20 minutes

1) toasted some walnuts in the oven for about 3 minutes. (when they start smelling yummy take them out!)


2) sliced some cherry tomatoes - all still prep work, of course

3) let the whole wheat pizza crust (provided by my friend Trader Joe) rest for 20 minutes … maybe that should be #1 … 

doesn’t that look so appetizing… 

4) grilled chopped red onions. 

Thank you God for making onions smell so good when they’re being grilled!

5) let your mommy roll out the pizza dough for you when it’s being stubborn 

she’s italian. it’s in her blood to know how to do this. 

she also tried tossing the pizza dough… and i was too in awe to remember to grab my camera. next time ;) 

6) ASSEMBLE! — just the tomatoes, walnuts, onions, and goat cheese

7) bake about 7-8 minutes, then top with arugula and 1 tbsp drizzle of olive oil

8) GET ON MY PLATE so i can SCARF YOU DOWN FASTER than you can say “ARUGULA”

enjoy! here’s the link to the recipe i used