Basically, I love food, and I love being healthy, so this is place for me to share how I, as well as others, can stay healthy while enjoying delicious food and an active lifestyle.
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Makin s’mores any way I can #horriblestudyhabits (Taken with instagram)

i made another batch of s’mores balls for a bake sale for a service fraternity i’m pledging into .. which totally makes sense because these actually require zero baking. 

huge success at the bake sale. they taste like real s’mores all rolled up into a ball. ah they’re just perfect

Step 1: 

in a plastic bag, crush graham crackers to make crumbs. if you have a food processor, use that. if you’re in a college dorm room without a coveted food processor, stick with bag. they WILL rip. just use a couple. (chocolate graham crackers work well)

Step 2: 

Add marshmallow fluff or melt marshmallows to put into the crumbs. If you’re melting marshmallows, melt them in a bowl with some butter and stir. (my friends say the ones i made with real marshmallows tasted better)

Step 3:

Melt milk chocolate and add it to the bowl. (I used some leftover chocolate ganache that I had made a couple days before and that worked well too)

Step 4: 

Mix together. Use your hands and be near a sink, it will get messy! Add some canola oil and some melted butter otherwise the ‘dough’ will clump up and you won’t be able to form it into balls (see picture below)

Step 5:

After cooling the dough in the refrigerator or freezer, form into balls and roll in graham cracker crumbs. 

Step 6:

Lay on wax paper and store in the freezer 

Step 6:

Lay on wax paper and store in the freezer 

S’mores Balls 

fear resolved: i was worried that they wouldn’t actually taste like s’mores - with the right textures and everything - but they are so good! achieved: gooey marshmallow, cruncy/melty-ish chocolate, crunchy/softish graham cracker. ah they’re perfect! 

S’mores Balls

these are so good and actually taste like real s’mores!

crush chocolate graham crackers to make crumbs

melt butter and marshmallows together in microwoave

mix marshmallows and graham crackers and add melted chocolate

form in balls, cover in graham cracker crumbs and freeze

to maintain our health-packed weekend (a weekend much looked forward to after giving up sweets for lent) andrew and i went and got donuts this morning from The Donut Hole in Wichita. 

to start, i got a s’mores donut, a mocha donut, and a cinnamon roll donut

and finished with a double chocolate donut, a streusel donut, and a small coffee

mind you, i ate about a quarter of each donut mentioned - but it was a lot of donuts, and it was amazing :) 

pronounced: (ah-gah-vay)


i tried to make my vanilla simple syrup out of truvia this time. it tastes so bad. and then it solidified at the bottom of my adorable syrup bottles. so… yea i’m just going to stick with normal sugar from now on. none of this “sweetener that tastes like real sugar” nonsense 

Andrew’s Oreo Balls

warning! these are highly addictive and probably the most unhealthy thing i’ve ever eaten. THEY.WERE.AMAZING!

while i was trying to make healthy snacks for the superbowl, my boyfriend was working his magic in making the most sinfully delicious Oreo balls that he had seen on my pinterest earlier that day. 

1. put whole package of Oreo’s in food processor to make crumbs

2. in a bowl, mix in 1/4 of a package of cream cheese at room temperature (i suggest using your hands for this)

3. form into balls and put in freezer

4. melt Melting Chocolate according to instructions. dip cold Oreo balls into chocolate, place on wax paper, and put in refrigerator until hardened and ready to eat