Basically, I love food, and I love being healthy, so this is place for me to share how I, as well as others, can stay healthy while enjoying delicious food and an active lifestyle.
Biology major studying to become a physical therapist Based in Los Angeles & Dallas
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Blast from the past - look out for more of my posts on Seventeen’s health & fitness blog. I’ve got a lot planned for this year! 

testing out ice creams for Seventeen on this lovely Monday morning

i’m also hard at work adding to the facebook, so make sure to stop by to check it out :)

I Heart Food

But i’m not leaving! — they’ve asked me to contribute to their online blog at least until I graduate from college — which is great news and a huge opportunity for me. Thank you to everyone who has read my posts, checked out my blog, or liked my facebook page, it really means a lot

roasted red bell pepper pesto pasta

what i do during class: google myself

you can still see my recipes at and i’m going to be continuing to blog for them… well… for quite some time :) so keep a look out! 

unfortunately I just found out that I didn’t get the job position at my school that I was really excited about and thought I’d be perfect for

BUT I also talked with seventeen today and I will be continuing to blog for by contributing healthy recipe posts!

Thanks everyone who read my Team17 posts and I’m really excited for posting even more :)

if you haven’t checked out Seventeen Magazine’s health & fitness blog yet you should take a look! four of us contribute to it weekly — sharing how we personally stay fit and healthy. Tara, Geraldine, Jenna Ushkowitz (from Glee), and I are the Team 17 Team Captains and we’re happy to help with anything and everything :)

you can follow Jenna on Twitter here

Tara (the star runner) can also be found on Twitter. click here to check out her tweets!

Geraldine is basically a health guru-extraordinaire on Twitter as well

You can also find me on Twitter where I get a little more personal than what I share on my blog — mostly thoughts about food, food, eating, cooking, more food, and sometimes exercise

AND AND AND check out my post HERE for stuffed shells that won’t leave you feeling too STUFFED


Vegetarian Bean Burritos [as seen on Team17 - Seventeen Magazine’s health & fitness blog]

the recipemakes a large batch of beans that are great to store in the fridge as leftovers to heat up whenever you want to make this recipe as a quick lunch 

even my boyfriend who doesn’t like beans sorta kinda liked these, which i am just going to take as a sign that they’re the best healthy burritos in the world 

they’re easy and quick to make and taste absolutely delicious!

Arugula and Goat Cheese Pizza recipe here


click here to learn more about adding color to your plate!

click here for my recipe for this delicious veggie sandwich and to check out my tips for a simple lunch at Team Seventeen’s health blog!

click here for my recipe for this delicious veggie sandwich and to check out my tips for a simple lunch at Team Seventeen’s health blog!

be sure to check out this week’s post at seventeen’s online fitness blog to get my recipe for homemade granola!