Basically, I love food, and I love being healthy, so this is place for me to share how I, as well as others, can stay healthy while enjoying delicious food and an active lifestyle.
Biology major studying to become a physical therapist Based in Los Angeles & Dallas
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this is what we are served every lunch and dinner: pasta, salad, vegetables, and fruit (and meat and bread, which i don’t get) 

i usually don’t really get the pasta either, but everything else just pretty much tastes like olive oil, so it’s a nice treat once or twice a week

so apparently italian restaurants aren’t big on the whole “low carb” thing.. nor that crazy trend “don’t soak everything in grease and olive oil”

VERDICT: i’m planning to enjoy the tastes of italy at least once … and enjoy it all in moderation 

p.s. i think my zucchini fries tasted better ;)