Basically, I love food, and I love being healthy, so this is place for me to share how I, as well as others, can stay healthy while enjoying delicious food and an active lifestyle.
Biology major studying to become a physical therapist Based in Los Angeles & Dallas
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a list of things I usually have on-hand 

Meal options:


1) oatmeal w. caramelized banans and vanilla almond milk

2) poached egg on whole wheat toast

3) sweet potato egg scramble

4) greek yogurt w. granola 


1) spinach salad w. avocado, red onion, and bleu cheese dressing 

2) brown rice or quinoa w. mixed vegetables 

3) grilled chicken sandwich on whole wheat w. avocado & tomato


1) fresh fruit

2) baby carrots & hummus

3) handful granola

4) berry smoothie w. almond milk and/or greek yogurt

5) peanut butter on whole wheat toast w. sliced banana and cinnamon


1) grilled chicken w. sauteed spinach & roasted sweet potato

2) shredded chicken cooked w. salsa, topped w. avocado, served w. side salad

3) brown rice/quinoa and vegetable “fried rice” w. a scrambled egg 


1) greek yogurt mixed w. peanut butter (& brown sugar)

2) chopped apples cooked w. cinnamon (&brown sugar)

3) tea w. honey 

you never push past your goal right when an amazing song comes on and you realize you’re not even tired or close to quitting and can’t help but crack a huge smile because you just did something awesome?

because I start cheesin’ like a pro

my Friday night // summer’s gettin crazyyy

The reason I got myself to the gym today. Yesterday I ran two miles and then did lunges, squats, and dead lifts, so the thought of running again today sounded like death.

Worth it for an ice cold superfood smoothie

I guess the 0 incline isn’t that impressive but I reached my new goal of running 4 miles straight!

at least for the summer — it just eliminates so many unhealthy options and I felt amazing last time I ate a vegetarian diet. I’m going home for five days, though, and it’s usually pretty hard to avoid meat when I’m with my family. So we’ll see how this goes…


Anyone else on board? Going vegetarian at least for the summer?

Yes, I COULD be wearing more neon. #apo

Oh hey what’s up 3.5 miles. Never run that much at once in my life. And I really wasn’t that tired afterwards. it was just magical


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After my three-mile interval set today. So super overly stoked on my new shorts - I’ve literally never bought running shorts before, I just use my old soccer shorts.



new goal: 3.5 miles a day and 45 second intervals for my abs/arms/butt sets

my school hosted a bbq in appreciation of student workers and they did a phenomenal job, but mostly I was really stoked on the fruit kebabs and tried to keep myself from hoarding the entire tray for myself 

but i was there to photograph the event… so I kept my cool. kind of.

One summer I would wake up at 7 every morning, throw on my shorts and t shirt I had laid out the night before, lace up my running shoes, and be out the door by 7:05. I’d go for a light 15 to 20 minute run and listen to Alexi Murdoch and Bon Iver. When I got home I would grab the blender, peanut butter, almond milk, cinnamon, and frozen banana and bring it out to my patio to eat breakfast with my puppies. 

Then I’d stay outside and either write, read a magazine, or just listen to music. 

Every day that summer I worked out, ate breakfast, relaxed, showered, and got ready, all before 10 am. 

WHY don’t I do this anymore????

This week I’m going to try to run 3 miles each day. I’m letting myself take a break if I need to, but walking half a mile every ten minutes doesn’t count. The distance that counts is the distance I run.